Stop Using so Much Plastic

Plastics take hundreds of years to return back to the earth. They are made from oils.

Plastics are toxic to sea birds. They eat them thinking they are food and die.

Plastic throw away cigarette lighters and plastic bottles are the two worst because the Oceans are full of them.

Glass is better because it is made from the second most common element on Earth.
Glass is completely returned back to the enviornment. It can be ground up into a fine powder and placed on the sea shores.
When we put products into plastic bottles, in the Sun the plastics leak into what you put on or drink, like water and sodas. This is not healthy.
Use a plastic bag twice. These are the ones from grocery stores.

Carry water with you that is filtered. One use throw away cups are damaging all of the Earth. They are the white ones that are made of plastics.

Use paper bags or buy the re usable grocery tote bags. Rinse them out with a disinfectant.

Soap and water is what kills most harmful germs. The Sun can also kill germs. That is why we used to hand our clothes outside.

Wash sheets on your bed at least once a week if you are the only one using them. Plastic mattress covers do help prevent the spread of diseases.

Trash thrown on highways can kill people. One plastic bottle of water is thrown out on a busy highway. A large wild deer or boar pig is thirsty and goes to drink it. Then your family car may hit them. Guess what?
All humans need to take care of the Earth. There is only so much land to go around. Do it for the next generations. Your ancestors did better for you.
Plastic Pop Bottle Tops