Sweet, Healthy, Indulgent: 6 Unique Winter Desserts that Won't Wreak Havoc on Your Health

Is it possible to watch your weight and still eat dessert this holiday season? Amaze your holiday party guests this year with these winter dessert recipes that are health-conscious but still taste indulgent. This year, have your cake and eat it, too.

Angel Food Layer Cake From Heaven

Low-fat, easy to make and loaded with fresh fruit--not to mention beautiful to look at before it inevitably disappears once served to your guests.

Ginger-Cranberry Loaf
Not crazy of super-sweet things? Enjoy flavors of ginger and cranberry in this winter loaf that would be perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Super-Healthy Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies
These cookies taste delicious, and your guests won't suspect that they are full of heart-healthy, thyroid-balancing coconut oil instead of the butter and hydrogenated fats usually used in chocolate chip cookie recipes.

Decadent Apple Crumble
Wintertime is the perfect time to use all the apples in season in abundance at your supermarket, local farmer's market and very possibly your own backyard. This healthy and decadent-tasting apple crumble recipe can be prepared in advance and popped into a preheated oven at your convenience.

Whipped Sweet Potatoes Topped With Toasted Vegan Marshmallows
Who would have thought that the classic sweet potatoes casserole can have its own delicious vegan equivalent? Enjoy this holiday classic with less guilt this year.

Dark Chocolate Almond Cups
Dark chocolate, arrowroot flour, cacao nibs--healthy ingredients miraculously transform into a decadent mini-dessert that is perfect for the cold winter season.