Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth

The occasional migraine or monstrous zit can
put a damper on your day.

But chronic conditions like depression, joint pain and UTIs could indicate symptoms of a much bigger prob: candida.

Uninvited Guests

It's called the silent body snatcher for nothin'. Many mainstream doctors just don't feel our pain, since there aren't efficient medical tests to confirm if you've got candida and symptoms of candida can be confusing. Read on, suffering sirens, you are not a hypochondriac - your yeast levels are just outta whack.


Candida albicans is yeast that naturally occurs in the body. But sometimes it can act like a really bad fashion trend, rapidly growing and taking over. Birth control, overuse of antibiotics and an unbalanced diet can help it divide and conquer, leading to all sorts of problems.

jelly beans
Symptoms and Signs

Feeling foggy? Tummy not happy? Cravings for sweets or booze might not be your naughty side acting out. It could be candida crying out for sugar to eat. Symptoms can be incredibly varied, but some others include skin irritations like acne, extreme fatigue, thrush (white coating on the tongue), fungal rashes or menstrual irregularities.

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Sugar Factor

Since candida preys on sugar like the media on Lindsay Lohan, cut the cookies, candies and cocktails that are feeding the infestation. Avoid refined sugar and simple carbs like soda, pasta and bread. If you have a lot of candida symptoms, a full elimination detox including fruit, caffeine and all carbohydrates is highly recommended (and speaking with a trained candida counselor).

pH Problems

Constant belly issues like diarrhea, constipation or bloating could be candida messing with the alkaline pH of your stomach. Try adding friendly bacteria to distract those parasitic jerks. Probiotic supplements or drinking kombucha can help the good guys (bacteria) win. Vitamin C in pill form is also a great wingman in the pH-balancing act.

Garlic Breath

Garlic doesn't just keep the vampires away - it kills candida. One crushed clove of raw garlic has antimicrobial and antifungal properties by releasing allicin. Toss it in your salad and fight back. Cooking with coconut oil can also help you say peace out to bacteria.

Omega Equation

Hyperactivity, PMS and anxiety are not just things you have to live with. The source of your stressors could be - yep - candida. A diet lacking in omega-3 fatty essential acids could be contributing. Enjoy your avocados and walnuts. Add ground flaxseed to your morning greens juice for the digestive regularity that keeps candida at bay.

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Since IBS, chronic fatigue, food allergies and hormonal imbalances can be misdiagnoses for simple candida overgrowth, try a few dietary tweaks and see if your symptoms don't improve. A holistic candida cleanse, serious food changes and the support of a candida-specialist health professional could change your life.

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