Tanning Bed Users Are More Likely to Be Unhappy with Their Looks

by Madaline Donnelly

David Stesner David Stesner File this under more reasons not to use a tanning bed: A new study by Cancer Research UK suggests that tanning bed users are actually more likely to be depressed about their looks than non-sunbed users. Yes, you read that correctly: Despite the artificial Vitamin D and temporary high you might get from those 7 to 11 minutes in fake sun heaven, you're actually setting yourself up to feel worse about your body.

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According to Cancer Research UK, almost half of tanning bed users ages 18-to-34 are unhappy with their appearance, compared to 36 percent of non-fake tanners in the same age range. And of those unhappy tanners, 8 out of 10 cite pressure (from peers, celebrity images, and the media) to look different. Sad, no? While the whole vicious cycle is a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg deal, we do know this: artificial tanning absolutely doesn't benefit skin's appearance or health, causing early signs of aging, sunspots, wrinkles, and of course, cancer.

If you're trying to break the tanning bed habit, try looking through some of our favorite self tanners instead. You'll feel better about yourself to boot!

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