Ten Ways Ten Pounds Can Change Your Life

10 pounds can change your life10 pounds can change your lifeBy Laurel House

Yes, fitting into our skinny jeans- definitely a priority. But, just for a second let's put our fragile egos aside and think beyond our seam-bursting thighs. Dropping ten pounds has the potential to impact your life beyond your looks. We're talking a serious self-confidence facelift, improved health, and maybe even a few extra years to your life. It may not seem like much, but a measly 10 pounds can change your life- short and long term. So regardless of if your goal is to get rid of the saddlebags or harness your diabetes, it's time to make your diet and workout regimen a priority.

Burning off 10 pounds can:

1. Minimize your chances of developing type-2 diabetes by half.

2. Help prevent osteoarthritis by reducing the load on your knees (every pound of weight lost translates to a 4-pound reduction on the load bearing down on your knees).

3. Decrease your risk of heart disease (you reduce your chance of heart disease by 1-2 percent for every percent of weight you drop).

4. Cut your chances of developing certain cancers.

5. Improve your sex life.

6. Increase your immune function, therefore keeping you well, not sick.

7. Up your energy all day (yes, even if you have to get up early to get your workout in).

8. Give you a confidence boost.

9. Help you sleep better.

10. Add years to your life.

Suddenly, those skinny jeans don't seem so important in comparison.

How Can You Start Losing Weight And Getting Healthy?

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-Decide that it's finally time to get your act together and get healthy while working your butt off (literally)

-Set Realistic Goals

-Get up, get your exercise shoes on and get moving (even if it hurts)

-Change with Change, mix up your workouts!

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