The 4 Best Personal Digital Trainers

By Tom Samiljan, Details magazine

This technology will take your workouts to the next level:

1 | Garmin Edge 800
Garmin's top-of-the-line cycling GPS trainer lets you race against previous times while monitoring your heart rate, cadence, speed, and much more on the customized screen. The elevation function is especially cool: it allows you to see your current altitude as well as run analytics on previous ascents and descents. Once you get home, simply sync the Edge 800 with your computer and post your routes on Facebook via Garmin Connect. ($450;

2 | miCoach Pacer
Adidas takes on Nike+ with a smart system that connects a heart-rate monitor, a stride sensor (it clips to your shoe), and a pacer to help you break through your fitness plateaus with personalized, interactive workouts. ($140;

3 | Nike+ SportWatch GPS
A timepiece-cum-trainer, Nike's newest sport watch has a built-in TomTom GPS that works with a stride sensor to provide detailed running diagnostics-which, thanks to a clever touchscreen, you can analyze during your run. The device also connects you to the nearly 4 million-strong running club at, where you can set goals, track progress, meet friends, and discover new routes. (price to be announced;

4 | Gymboss
This simple interval trainer times your workouts-whether you're doing CrossFit or weight training-and rest periods, sounding alarms when it's time to switch things up. Its minimalist features keep you focused on the activity at hand. ($20;

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