The 5 Best Spots for Plus-Sized Workout Clothing

By Jenn Walters,

Can't figure out what plus-sized fitness apparel to wear? We can help! Credit: Robert.MontalvoCan't figure out what plus-sized fitness apparel to wear? We can help! Credit: Robert …We review a lot of cute workout apparel. But let's be honest. Not a lot of it comes in sizes that are larger than an XL. And hello, a lot of us need a little more workout wear room than an XL. So we asked our buds on Twitter and scoured the web for five companies that offer plus-size fitness clothing that's functional-and super cute!

Best Plus-Sized Fitness Apparel Options

1. Nike. Yep, Nike has great plus-sized fitness apparel options. In sizes up to 3X, you can get Nike's super-popular track running shorts, half-zip jackets, skorts and more. We think they're fab and think you will, too.

2. Old Navy. Who would have thought that Old Navy of all places would have a sweet plus-sized fitness clothing line? But they do. In sizes that go up to 4X, we dig their cute and affordable yoga pants, graphic Ts, hoodies, tanks and compression pants!

3. Champion. What's not to love about Champion? Their gear is affordable, good quality and you can buy it at Target (a place that comes just below Trader Joe's in terms of shopping delight). No matter your plus-size fitness apparel needs, Champion pretty much has them covered. Besides the basics, we're particularly digging this pretty patterned tank that comes in sizes up to 4X!

4. Curves in Motion. Finally! A plus-sized company that makes apparel that's actually designed for activity and has some form and style to it. (We spent hours looking online for options-many of which just offered Spandex shorts and tights for plus-sized women. Um, spandex is barely flattering on supermodels, let alone normal gals in the world.) With insane sales ($9.98 for a tank?!), we're loving the sports bras, tops and swimwear on this site. The name is super cute, too.

5. FBG Store. Okay, so we don't have that much plus-sized apparel, but we think that what we do have is worth highlighting! (And we would have so much more if Spreadshirt offered more plus-sized choices!) So, in the true spirit of fit bottoms coming in all shapes and sizes, this FBG T-shirt allows you to flaunt your awesome self whether it's doing yoga, going for a walk or sweating it out at the gym. Wear it proudly, ladies-being a Fit Bottomed Girl is a mindset not a shirt size!

What's your favorite place to buy plus-sized workout clothing? Tell us what great stores we should add to our list! -Jenn

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