The Best Snacks Under 100 Calories

When that 3 p.m. hunger pang hits, it's easy to reach for candy or chips. But they're hardly ideal-especially if you're counting calories or focusing on healthy eating. The best way to avoid filling up on junk is to have delicious alternatives, including the following seven healthy-yet-delicious treats, each of which boasts around 100 calories.

Turkey and Breadstick Rollups
Here's a quick twist on the infamous turkey and cheese roll-up: spread two teaspoons of honey mustard on one slice of deli turkey and wrap it around a sesame breadstick. Viola! You've got a savory snack with a satisfying crunch. Best part? You can actually eat two of these roll-ups and still come in around 100 calories.

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When you don't have a lot of time and need to grab something quick on the go, a handful of nuts is a great option. Depending on the type of nut, you can actually have a good-sized snack, with appetite-curbing protein to boot! Like what? Try 14 almonds, 17 peanuts, or 25 pistachios. But skip macadamia nuts, each of which packs nearly 20 calories.

Granola Bar
Another quick, delicious, and low-calorie treat is a granola bar. Yes, many break the 100-calorie threshold, but some of the low-fat or low-sugar bars come in right around or just under 100. Our vote goes to the Quaker Oats Chewy Low Fat Chocolate Chunk bars-delish!

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Peanut Butter and Celery Sticks
An oldie but goodie, this super delicious treat is actually pretty darn healthy too! A cup of celery only has 19 calories and two teaspoons of peanut butter has 64-plus it includes protein, which keeps you filling full longer. And don't bother reaching for the low-fat stuff; it only has two less calories that regular peanut butter.

Aside from its health benefits (it's full of protein, vitamin D, and calcium,) yogurt can satisfy dessert cravings without the guilt. And with so many manufacturers producing low-fat and fat-free products, it's easy to stay around the 100-calorie mark. Yoplait has even started making yogurt flavors that mimic real desserts like Apple Turnover, Black Forest Cake, Boston Crème Pie, and Red Velvet Cake. So grab a spoon and dive in.

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Carrots and Hummus

What do you get when you dip a cup's worth of baby carrots (50 calories) into a couple tablespoons of hummus (50 calories)? A quick, satisfying, and absolutely wholesome treat. Since hummus is low in sugar and cholesterol-free, it's a wonderful alternative to cheese or dip.

Fruit Salad
Whether you make your own or grab a ready-made fruit salad from the local grocer, you can't go wrong with a snack straight from nature. To make your own fruit salad and stay under the 100 calorie mark, slice half a medium banana into round disks, cut half an apple into little wedges, grab five to six grapes, put them in a sealable container, and sprinkle with a little cinnamon.

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