The Chris Brown-Rihanna saga: Things only get worse

I wish I could say that I am surprised at the new details revealed in the investigation of R& B performer Chris Brown's alleged assault of singer Rihanna, but I'm not. When the news broke, it had that "this is big and this is bad" kind of feeling. And now that some of the information Rihanna gave police on the night of the incident has been revealed, this story only appears to be getting bigger and badder.

A source close to the investigation reports that Rihanna told police that Brown choked her to the point of unconsciousness and threatened to kill her.

The couple was reportedly arguing on the way home from the Clive Davis party (you may remember E!'s Giuliana Rancic's friend swore they were "like the cutest couple EVER" at that pre-Grammy celebration). When Brown pulled the car over on a side street in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Rihanna took the car keys and threw them out of the car window. When Brown could not find the keys, the source says he grabbed her neck, saying he was going to kill her.

Brown fled, the source reveals, and Rihanna awoke, badly bruised and swollen. Police documented her injuries by photograph on the scene and after taking her to the hospital for treatment.

Rihanna's spokeswoman continues only to say the blanket response released earlier this week, "Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support" while Brown's attorney and publicist have not commented on the incident or investigation.

Are you shocked or sadly not surprised about these new details?

And when it comes to the physical and emotional well-being of a famous woman, is it important we know this information or should it stay between her, the police and the other parties directly involved?

[photo credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment]