The Many Health Benefits Of Wine

Drink up! Wine makes you hot (among other things)

-Cheryl Durzy,

I have been in the wine business for over a decade. Because of my profession, I have taken numerous classes, received several certifications and tried thousands of wines over the years. I definitely practice what I preach-I am a daily consumer of wine. Just a glass or so during the week, maybe two or three on the weekends.

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With that said, it was a very good day when I read the news of this study: women who drink alcohol tend to be thinner than those that don't. It was a study of 20,000 women out of a Boston hospital. Over 13 years, the ones that drank in moderation were thinner than the ones that didn't. Yee-haw!

But if looking good in skinny jeans is not good enough for you….there are many other health benefits of wine. In 1991, the French Paradox story aired on 60 Minutes. Red wine sales boomed and the health benefits of wine in moderation were the talk of the town. Other health benefits of wine have since emerged, including:

• Women wine drinkers have fewer kidney stones

• Moderate wine consumption reduces risk of stroke

• Studies link moderate alcohol usage to life longevity

• Drinking wine can reduce chance of upper digestive tract cancers

• Anti-oxidants in wine can reduce the occurrence of cancer in general

• Moderate wine drinkers have a lower chance of getting diabetes

Click here for an interesting summary of the aforementioned studies-compiled by a wine shop in New Jersey.

So with all these amazing health benefits of wine researched and documented, why do I dread filling out doctors' office forms-the ones that ask how much alcohol and how often I drink. When I check "daily" for how often, the doctor usually raises an eyebrow and asks a few questions, followed by a lecture about binge drinking. Are health care professionals alerted to these wonderful studies? They seem to be very familiar with the benefits and features of all the latest and greatest pharmaceuticals.

Instead these findings are confined to news stories and blogs-just like this one. But I will keep drinking my daily glass of wine. And you should to. We will all be skinnier, have a healthier heart and live longer…together.

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