The Olympics inspire me -- like whoa

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! Seriously, some crazy fanatical part of my psyche comes bustling out and all of a sudden synchronized diving is my biggest passion in life. I become an expert in sporting events I didn't even know existed. I pick favorites; do a little Internet stalking; look into lessons in my area. The Olympics are so friggin' motivating! Not just motivating to get my ass to the fencing studio (seriously, the world will be a much better place without me playing with swords, fake or otherwise), but in all things. If there's a T-shirt that says "I
To me the Olympics are a celebration of the human body and as I watch them I just want to give my own body a big hug. I may not be an elite athlete, but I am so proud of the body I have. It's not perfect, but it's strong and it's mine. I think many of us spend a lot of time hating our bodies for what they aren't, but look at what they are! They are strong and beautiful and capable of so, so much.

Beyond the body, there's the dream, the will, the passion that these athletes possess. It may not seem like it sometimes, but many of the athletes competing have lives outside their sport. They're not all living in training compounds or still in high school. People with families, with jobs (those that don't live off endorsements, that is), with real world responsibilities. These are people who have dedicated themselves and their lives to being the best in the world. The World. But they're real people. If they can do it, seriously, don't we all deserve to take a little more time to pursue our dreams? It's so easy to get bogged down in the responsibilities of daily life, but we have a responsibility to ourselves. Maybe it's time to spend a little more time living the dream--whatever that may be.

Anything inspiring, anything where dreams are made or broken makes me a bit sappy. The overwhelming pride in the faces of countrymen, friends and families of athletes in the stands reminds me how small the world really is, because that pride is so universal. It's the humanity of the whole thing that inspires me the most I guess, the fact that we're all just people, people with bodies, people with dreams, people with responsibility. I hope the inspiration stays with me; that I'll remember to give thanks to this body that carries me through life, and take time to focus on dreams once in a while, not just the mounds of busy that seem to occupy me. At least the the winter games are only two years away, so there's a reminder on the horizon.