The Very Best Comments of the week: Lena Dunham Talks to Playboy, Work-Life Balance Redux, and Computers for Women

A lot happened here this week: Lena Dunham talked to Playboy, Michelle Obama talked to Vogue, and everyone's talking about Lady Gaga (maybe) getting married. We also marveled at mannequins that look like real women, a restaurant with a "calorie neutral" menu, and some truly crazy celebrity conspiracy theories. The articles on Shine only tell part of the story, though -- the rest can usually be found in the comments, where Shine readers weigh in with clever quips, stinging sarcasm, and smart discussions. Here's what you had to say about it all.

Lena Dunham - Before she became a surprisingly polarizing pop culture figure and before her smash TV hit, "Girls," …On Lena Dunham's chat with Playboy magazine: "I'm just tired of hearing about her. I feel like people look at her like she's this innovative, ground-breaking woman or something because she has sex and is comfortable with her body. Heck, sounds like majority of my friends and I. Where's our article?" -- Dylan

On former CFO Erin Callan, who said she regrets not having children and reignited the work-life balance debate: "And my boss says to me, but you are so smart, why don't you want to become management? And I tell him its BECAUSE I'm smart." -- Rowan

On mannequins that look like real women: "What is truly nice about these mannequins is this: they aren't hunched shouldered, pelvis jutting, chin protruding, stick stuck up the behind fake looking woman. In general, it's not the size of the woman. It's how she carries herself. Beautiful women come in all sizes, shapes and colors." -- Just A Normal Woman

On the millionaire's wife who had her prenup overturned: "Hey, gay people, you sure you want this?" -- PF

On the sugar-free bakery that was busted for baking with sugar: "Of course you can't trust what's in your food. My husband works for the state department of health, and he had to take classes with the FDA so he could identify which types of insect parts he was looking at in the food when he inspected it!" -- Kelly H

On fans freaking out over the idea of Lady Gaga getting married: "I think her and Rodman would've been a better pair. They can both head to N. Korea and live happily ever after." -- Tony

On crazy celebrity conspiracy theories: "TUPAC IS IN CUBA" -- Carlo

On the restaurant with a "calorie neutral" menu: "Of course you won't gain weight eating tiny proportions of real food. When you have to put a microscope on the plate to make the food appear normal, you knooow your eating healthy right?" -- K-J

On the ePad Femme, the "world's first tablet made exclusively for women": "Does it vibrate?" -- Trickytrunk