The Very Best Comments of the Week: See-Through Yoga Pants, Too-Skinny Jeans, and Kate Middleton's High Heels

A lot happened here this week: Lululemon recalled 17 percent of their yoga pants because of a "sheerness" issue (male readers wondered why see-through pants were a problem), working dads asked why they can't have it all, and a celebrity baby bump actually made us cry (in a good way!). The articles on Shine only tell part of the story, though -- the rest can usually be found in the comments, where Shine readers weigh in with clever quips, stinging sarcasm, and smart discussions. Here's what you had to say about it all.

On Kristen Bell's baby bump, and how her father-in-law got to know his grandchild: "What an amazing story by such a class-act couple. Thank you for sharing this intimate photo for a genuine reason, instead of just exploitation. There's an amazing lesson here--don't wait until its too late to build relationships, or make better the ones that have soured. Life is short." -- Kris

The Duchess of Cambridge gets help from her husband after her heel was stuck in a grate. (Photo: Getty Images)

On Kate Middleton's high-heel mishap: "I feel like I just attended Yahoo's Finishing School for Properly Heeled Ladies!" -- Gingerdanger

On American Eagle's "spray-on" skinny jeans (which turned out to be a joke): "Do they come in HUSKY sizes?" -- EP

On the kindness shown to a deployed soldier's girlfriend: "#$%$, sitting in my office all misty eyed now. Hope no one walks in. Whats odd is that I just read a different article about the troops where some moron called them all "jerkwads" and accused them all of asking for handouts. Then I read this and a piece of my faith in humanity is restored. God bless all three of those involved in this story as well as those who serve and wait in patient silence." -- Mike

On working dads who want it all: "Where there's a will, there's a way! If you can picture the situation in your mind, and not scoff that it would never happen, then you have most of what you need, to obtain it." -- John Smith

On the number of pushups that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do: "You people are pathetic. Anyone who can even survive pancreatic cancer (which is rare) would be lucky to walk. This woman AT 80 does a long work out and ends it with 20 standard push ups. I bet most of the negative comments are from 300 pounders in their Mom's house. Losers!!!" -- Gabby

On Lululemon pulling its see-through yoga pants from stores: "I always see women wearing see-through yoga pants and leggings. a) I wonder if they know that everyone can see their underwear, and b) I wonder if they care." -- MC

On the woman who first exposed the Steubenville rape tweets: "go get'em girl you are a HERO to a lots of folks!!!!! keep your head-up" -- Joseph

On how far we would go to find a missing pet: "Honestly, I don't know if I would go to those extremes if one of my kids went missing." -- GordonC

On the parents who forced their teenager to hold a sign telling the public about her sins: "So, when the parent is involved... you people aren't happy. When the parent is absent... you people aren't happy. You know what I think? You people need to #$%$ and pay attention to your own kids." -- Firefighter_joe2001