The Very Best Comments of the Week: Taylor Swift vs. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Moms vs. Mac and Cheese, Everyone vs. "What Not to Wear"

A lot happened here this week: Playtex (yes, Playtex!) hired a male (yes, male!) spokesperson, we weighed in on why "What Not to Wear" needed to end, Snooki became a pregnancy guru, Taylor Swift griped about Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, and an amazing teenager pledged to commit 89 random acts of kindness. The articles on Shine only tell part of the story, though -- the rest can usually be found in the comments, where Shine readers weigh in with clever quips, stinging sarcasm, and smart discussions. Here's what you had to say about it all.

Taylor Swift talked to Vanity Fair about feminism. Sort of. On Playtex's new male spokesperson: "What is the what?!" -- Madfoot

On Taylor Swift's beef with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: "Tina and Amy didn't make a joke out of your love life, Taylor. You did that yourself, girlfriend…" -- Lauren

On the end of "What Not to Wear": "Having known someone who was actually on the show, this show isn't about shaming at all. It's about building self-esteem and having the outside match your inside. You should be able to project the confidence that you feel. I've got to say that I'm about as feminist as it gets and I really like this show. I'm watching it right now." -- Cheryl W

On the return of Marilyn Hagerty, Olive Garden critic and octogenarian: "I have never seen more or fewer than 2 black olives on the salad, ever." -- Janet S.

On a petition asking Kraft to remove artificial colors from their macaroni & cheese: "Since when is it marketed to kids? It is marketed to College students who can't afford both beer and food!" -- Bad Moon Rising

On finding out that bacon might be really, really bad for you: "My Dad lived to be 103, and he drank a shot of whiskey every day, smoked cigars, and ate bacon, sausage, and everything that is supposed to kill you early. Just think how long he would have lived had he cut these things out?" -- Fire2ice

On vintage ads that touted using Lysol for feminine hygiene: "This ad is disturbing. I don't get it. What's she supposed to do with the Lysol…" -- Holly

On whether a gestational surrogate can refuse to have an abortion: "I am privileged to know the adopted mother and child! :) This story was INTENSE!" -- Heidi

On a 37-pound cat named Biscuit: "The American obesity epidemic has spread to cats???" -- Dash