The Very Best Comments of the Week: You Said It, We Loved It

A lot happened this week: A chef got hacked, a Kardashian got crunchy, and a celebrity couple called it quits. Here's what you had to say about it.

On Kim Kardashian's new 'Earth Mother' image:

"Who is this Kim Kardashian. I've never heard of her. —FlatulentGladiator

"The only reason I click on Kim Kardashian articles is to read the comments and I haven't been let down yet." —Patrick

On Lunchables and Fritos being worse for you than cigarettes

"Is it bad that I was eating Lunchables before reading this article?" —Ce3Lai

On Diane Lane and Josh Brolin splitting:

"Who really cares?" —Constitutionalist

"I totally care." —Kenny

"Diane Lane is a stone cold fox. That is all." —John

On Guy Fieri's latest bad publicity: 

"He can't catch a break? His whole career is one big break." —Transcend

On guys who cry:

"Personally, it is a fall in love moment for me."—Mahlet