The Weekly Skinny: All the healthy news you need (10-2-09)

Which state's residents eat the most fruits and veggies? Which one's eat the fewest? FatFighterTV has a look at this story and other diet and fitness headlines making news this week.

Food fight - Top and bottom states for eating fruits and veggies
Are you getting enough fruits and veggies? A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds only 14 percent of adults eat the recommended number of servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Only 14 percent! Results show people in Washington, D.C. eat the most fruits and vegetables: 20.1 percent of adults meet the daily recommendations. Mississippi comes in last with just 8.8 percent. Find out how your state rates here.

Coke to display larger calorie information
As the push to tax soft drinks grows stronger, Coca-Cola's products will list certain nutritional information more prominently. You'll soon see calories-per-serving and servings-per-container details on the side of almost all of Coke's products. The company says it hopes this will make it easier to get nutritional information quickly. But some critics say it's just a way to try to prevent a possible tax on its products.

What does the world's oldest man eat?
I always find it interesting to know what people who live a long life eat. I figure we can learn a thing or two from them. Walter Breuning, the world's oldest man, turned 113 this week. He says he has weighed the same for about 35 years. He offers his advice for a long life here, which includes to stop eating before you are full.

What do you think? Do you push away from the table before you overeat?

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