The Weekly Skinny: All the healthy news you need (12-17-10)

Step away from that computer when it's lunchtime. A new report finds it could keep you from pigging out. FatFighterTV has a look at this story and other diet and fitness headlines making news this week.

Chowing down at your computer might make you pig out

Do you eat lunch at your computer? A new small study finds if you do, it might boost your appetite for dessert. Researchers found people who ate lunch while playing a computer game ate more cookies 30 minutes later than those who didn't have any distractions at lunchtime. The reason might be that computer users had a hazier memory of their lunch and didn't feel as full afterward compared with those who weren't on the computer.

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Seriously? Mom sues McDonald's over Happy Meal toys

Okay, I get it that McDonald's entices children with toys, but is it really the fast food giant's fault that parents buy their kids the Happy Meals? This mom thinks so and she's joining the Center for Science in the Public Interest in filing a lawsuit against McDonald's to force the chain to either offer lower-calorie meals or get rid of the toys. Seriously?I think this is ridiculous. There are a lot of crappy foods out there that are marketed to kids, but does that mean we should sue the manufacturers of all those cereals, candies, etc.? How about just not buying the crappy stuff? Or not buying it as often?

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New child nutrition law aims to fight obesity and hunger
This week, President Barack Obama signed into law The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The new law, designed to encourage children to eat healthier foods, gives the federal government more authority to decide which foods are sold in vending machines and other places at school. It also allows more children to qualify for free meals.

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