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From ice cream to chocolate, bacon is adding sizzle to some surprising foods. FatFighterTV has a look at this story and other diet and fitness headlines making news this week.

What's up with the bacon craze???

Have you noticed that bacon is popping up in more foods lately? It's in chocolate (weird), ice cream (weirder), and the new KFC Double Down sandwich (gross!), just to name a few. This article from MSNBC says the tough economy might have something to do with it - bacon is cheaper to add to foods, and unfortunately, to our arteries.

Americans drinking fewer soft drinks
For the fifth year in a row, soft drink sales are down in the U.S. A report in Beverage Digest shows the carbonated soft-drink market slipped 2.1 percent in 2009. The two big brands both fell - Coca-Cola went down 4 percent and Pepsi dropped 5.5 percent. Soft drink sales are also way down in schools.

Simple carbs raise women's heart disease risk
Okay ladies, do you eat a lot of white bread, white rice, and other simple carbs? Not only can these foods make your blood sugar spike, but new research shows if you eat a lot of those carbs, you are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease than women who don't have them as often. Researchers say men don't have the same increased risk, perhaps because their bodies process the carbs differently. (not fair)

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