The Whole Foods rap makes spendy organic shopping slightly gangsta

Somewhere in between the Bach flower essences display and milled flax seed, I've fallen in love. No, not with cacao nibs or goat-milk handsoap. With this guy -- David Wittman, the brains, voice, and Prius behind "Whole Foods Parking Lot," a video that busts all the irritations of shopping at the super-spendy, super-trendy store.

As if the video wasn't clever and funny enough, reading that he told Entertainment Weekly that the spoof is really self-mocking nearly had me searching for a non-denominational officiant to seal our civil union. How can you not love a man who writes something truly LOLable about Whole Foods that was inspired by his own aggravations of finding a sweet spot for his hybrid car there?

The list featured in the video is apparently what he typically picks up at the store. The sense of humor may also be shared, since he reports that Whole Foods has expressed interest in hosting the video on their own website.

"I mean, really… what if all Whole Foods were walking around with this gangster moniker, being all tough. C'mon. Tough guy needs to get his kale salad and quinoa? Please. You have to laugh at yourself, and that's all this is!!," he told EW.

Watch and tell us: Does this video make you love the organi-rapper? Does it change your feelings about Whole Foods at all?

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