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Healthy, Happy New Year! For a wonderful surprise, watch the video below!

Confetti and KeysMy new year is sure to be filled with unexpected surprises! The uncertainty makes me feel insecure and anxious, but at the same time I'm excited by the spontaneity, growth and expansion that I know I'll feel!

As I welcome 2011, my greatest desire is to live fully and consciously in the present day. I will reflect on my past and hope not dwell in it. I will focus on my plans to reach my goals for the year, but along the way I will do my best to not regret my choices or to worry about things I can't control. I want to remember to fully appreciate each day and celebrate the relationships that I am blessed to have.

My new year's resolution is to enjoy "being here" and trust every day that I live fully and joyfully in the present, will help me to arrive happily at that "getting there" place. The only way for me to live is to trust that everything will unfold.
My wish is that your new year be filled with wonderful surprises and joyful experiences that create memories you will always want to keep. Things may not always happen when or the way you want them to, so trust that everything will unfold at the right time. Here is something to enjoy as you welcome the New Year….

Marlene Moore Gordon

Confetti Photo By Muffet

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