They Say: Parents Pack Bad Lunches

Posted by Jeanne Sager

My daughter gets the kind of lunch kids dream about. Sandwich. Fruit. Snacks. Milk or juice. But is that good enough?

A new study says parents aren't packing nutrition in their kids' lunch pails. We're packing what we know our kids will eat.

Can you blame us? We don't want to hear from our daycare providers that our kid was the one throwing a fit at lunchtime. And we don't have time for the "sneak it in there" recipes in all the parenting magazines. So we cut corners. We pack a fruit cup rather than cutting up fresh fruit, because if we chuck in an apple our kids are going to moan about the peels and the teachers at daycare aren't likely to sit down and peel it for them. We pick up crackers with the processed cheese of our childhoods, and we close one eye so only the words "whole wheat crackers" register.

According to the study in the January issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, seventy-one percent of packed lunches don't have enough fruits and vegetables. One in four preschool kids don't get enough milk with lunch. Keep Reading Here

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