This Common Halloween Candy Could Kill

By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

Just in time for Halloween, the FDA is putting out a surprising warning about a certain candy that may kind of shock you...

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Beware of black licorice, says the Food and Drug Administration. According to a newly issued warning, black licorice can cause "serious health risks" for adults, especially those over the age of 40. Apparently black licorice contains a certain ingredient that can cause irregular heart rhythms in some people. (I always knew there had to be a reason why I detested this stuff so much!)

"There's a compound in black licorice called glycyrrhizin that interferes with potassium balance and causes potassium to be excreted, and if you don't have enough potassium, you're in trouble," explained Dr. Marian Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University. "You get heart arrhythmias and other types of problems."

Do you like black licorice? Red licorice?

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