This day in history...You, out of shape. Me, Jane.

From "Hanoi Jane" to "H-annoying Jane": It was 29 years ago on this day that Jane Fonda traded in her helmet for a headband, releasing her first aerobic VHS tape, entitled Workout.

Before she commanded women to sweat it out with side-bends and sit-ups, Jane Fonda made a name for herself as a model, an actress and later, an anti-war activist. In 1972, Fonda traveled to Hanoi, North Vietnam and was photographed straddling an anti-aircraft battery, used to shoot down American air troops. A huge backlash followed, and years later, Fonda apologized for the photo and several of her anti-war sentiments.

It was 1979 when Fonda opened her first workout studio (in addition to winning her 2nd Best Actress Oscar). Two years after that, she published Jane Fonda's Workout Book. On April 24, 1982, the fit and fabulous 45-year old Fonda's video burst into the homes of women everywhere, bringing with her an arsenal of leg warmers and leotards. And giving some folks a reason to want to smack her all over again.

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