+ the Cry of Our Some Iiterate Persons Generally it Seems Ignorant of Who May Be Called as a Sadhu and as to Why is Not Allowed to Be a Politician in Their Eyes

The recent movements by Sadhu and Social civil society for enlighting the suppresed and ill informed people of the country about their sufferings due to whatever reasons may not be taken as a miss guiding of the public by a ""Sadhu " and his partener by collecting person from all sides to attend their assemblies. Where as to call it an attempt to raising a revolt against the governance who in the eyes oif the majority of the country MaSSES HAS BEEN AN ORGANIZATION OF POOR WORKING AND AS IF NOT FOR TGHE PUBLIC BUT FOR A FEW AHO ARE NOW UNDER SCAN OF NUMBER OF Ghotals and black money etc. But propagating that a SAacdhu or an Old Social worker meant to tell the peopole about Samadhi or na person to pray to God but should not the country in other matterss as it is the work of the Governance, matters little it may bring some thing good after decades n\of appointing committee etc.
Thus let them, try to read the pulse of the poor labour farmers and others who aredefenceless. AND IN THE NAME OF hUMANITY LET IT BE FOR THE COUNTRYS INTERESTS AND WITH THE PULSE OF THENATION.