Today's Intent: Prioritize Exercise

My intent today is to prioritize exercise in my life.

Want to improve your life? One easy way to do this is to exercise more.

There are the obvious health benefits of exercise. You increase your energy level and have more stamina throughout the day. You boost your immune system and are less likely to get sick. You are less likely to get winded down during busy, hectic days. You improve your sleep quality. You greatly decrease your chances of illness and cancer. Oh, yes, and let's not forget about all those excess pounds that conveniently slide off when you are regularly burning off those calories and belly fat.

And let's not forget the mental benefits as well. When you work it, you get that awesome endorphine boost that helps ward off depression and bad moods. And what better way to boost your confidence than the self-knowledge that you can stick to a regular physical fitness routine? Not to mention the overall satisfaction of feeling good about what your body is capable of doing?

Bottom line: you are missing out on a whole lot of life-awesome when you don't exercise.

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