4-Year-Old Snubs Prince William's Kiss


Kissing a prince is what all little girls dream of, right? Maybe not.

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On Thursday, a 4-year-old Scottish girl ducked out of the way when Prince William swooped in to give her a kiss during a two-day visit to Scotland where he and Kate visited local residents. While saying hello to the girl who was waving a flower around, Prince William asks her, "Is that for me? Is that for Katie? Yeah, you can give it to her." Then he adds, "You look very pretty. Do you want a kiss?"

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As the crowd gives a collective "Aw..." Prince William leans in only to have the little girl squirm away. "Oh no!" says Prince William. "See? Next time, sugar, next time," he says.

Later, another mother gave an on-camera interview to the Associated Press while holding her daughter and explained that because of the incident, the Prince wasn't handing out kisses anymore. "Prince William came across and had a little chat with us. We asked if he wanted to give Heidi a kiss but apparently he had already been refused a kiss from someone else."

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