Tone Your Thighs with One Move

Dana Meltzer Zepeda, SELF magazine

I've tried it all: Step classes, inner/ outer abductor machines, squats and lunges. But, no matter what I do, toning my inner thighs has always seemed to be a lost cause. So I decided to make it my mission this week to find one easy move to rid myself of that embarrassing jiggle once and for all!

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"When most women gain weight, they store it in their inner thighs," says Ky Evans, head instructor at The Studio MDR in Marina Del Rey, Calif. "When you do a squat or cardio, you're not really working the inner thigh. You're working the hamstring, outer thigh or buttock."

So what's a girl to do? The answer is simple. Try Evan's secret weapon to "truly isolate the inner thigh and lengthen, tone and define the smaller muscles." Incorporate this move into your regular cardio routine for 3 minutes a day and you'll be shimmying into those short-shorts before you know it!

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The Egg Beater
Lay down on your left side and bend your right leg over your left leg.

Keep your left leg straight and flex your left foot with your toes pointing to the floor and your heel pointing to the ceiling (above). Lift your leg and hold still for 1 minute . Stay on your left side in the same position but point your toes out (toes facing front). Lift your leg and hold still for 1 minute.

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Return to your start position but point your toes out and draw an "L" shape with your foot lifting up with your pointed foot then pressing back with your flexed foot to create the "L." Lift your leg and hold still for 1 minute (above). Repeat the entire sequence on the right side.

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