Top 10 Diets of 2009

By Brandi Koskie -

As predictible as kisses and champagne at midnight, the new year brought a wave of weight loss resolutions. And for good reason, Americans are some of the most out of shape, overweight people on the planet. The good news is that we're finally waking up to that, and more and more people are taking steps toward living healthier lifestyles. We made a list of 2008's most popular diets at the end of last year, and with the Spring dieting season about to kick off, we were curious about the weight loss plans that are making an impact in 2009.

For the most part, we were pleased to see that people are selecting plans that offer healthy approaches to weight loss and long-term maintenance benefits.

10. Weight Watchers Momentum - This is the newest innovation from Weight Watchers, introduced at the start of 2009, and it has quickly risen in popularity. Momentum takes your healthy eating skills one step further, by showing you how and when to eat so that you feel full for longer.

9. South Beach Diet Supercharged - Dr. Agatston revised his popular low-carb diet to reflect current research, but also incorporate exercise. You'll now follow a three-part fitness regimen that mirrors each of the three phases of the diet.

8. Biggest Loser - It's one of the most popular reality shows on television, and it's inspiring a nation to get fit. Featuring an online program, book and fitness DVD series and a meal delivery plan, people can lose weight the Biggest Loser way at home.

7. Cabbage Soup Diet - This fad diet became quite popular for its claims of rapid weight loss. This seven-day weight loss plan offers a strict, low-calorie outline for foods you can and can't consume each day.

6. 50 Million Pound Challenge - Founded a few years ago by Dr. Ian Smith to encourage a nation to band together to lose weight, it really showed up on the map when they partnered with Biggest Loser in 2009's season seven. You can go online to access free fitness and dietary guidance to lose weight the healthy way.

5. Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet - This is one diet trend that really grew in 2008, and Dr. Siegal's original cookie diet continues to reign. This is a meal-replacement diet that replaces breakfast and lunch with low-fat, high-fiber, high-protein cookies that will satisfy hunger.

4. NutriSystem - For years it's been endorsed by physicians and Hollywood celebs like Tori Spelling, Marie Osmond and Dan Marino as being an effective way to lose weight. Pre-portioned, shelf-stable meals are delivered to your home every 28 days, you just have to follow the instructions and lose weight!

3. Jillian Michaels - She's the tough-as-nails trainer from Biggest Loser who has built a fitness empire to help Americans get in shape. With two books, a fitness DVD, Wii game, a meal delivery program and an online weight loss plan, she's made her approach accessible to everyone.

2. Rachael Ray Diet - While the Food Network star doesn't have a diet per se (Rachael prefers a "non-diet" approach), her name has been associated with the acai berry diet trend, and pill manufacturers are using that to their advantage.

1. Weight Watchers - You'll rarely find a best-of diets list that doesn't include this giant of weight loss. For more than 45 years Weight Watchers has been helping men and women reach their goals in a healthy, and effective way. Their trademark POINTS system takes the pain out of counting calories or carbs, and lets dieters make the food choices they want.