Top 5 reasons to hit the gym this winter

Oh, brrrrrrr. It's cold. Cold makes me want to hibernate, well not so much hibernate as sit on my couch drinking cocoa while watching Colin Firth movies--which, according to the last time I checked, does not actually qualify as exercise. Unfair but true. The sun raises later and sets earlier, which means I wake up and still want to be sleeping and leave work and want to go right back to the comforts of my PJs, but this winter I'm determined not to fall back into past winter's slothfulness. In an effort to motivate myself to get to the gym in the colder months ahead, I've made a list of all the great reasons to go to the gym. I'm sharing it with you because perhaps, just maybe, you share my winter-time exercise avoidance syndrome.
1. If you start now, you're going to look totally sexy by summer! While everyone else will be freaking out about bathing suit season, they'll ask you to keep your clothes on and contain your sexy self.

2. It's winter, what else are you doing? Seriously now. (Here's how you can beat the winter workout blues!)

3. The gym is a great place to hide from your family. Added bonus, you don't have to wear Christmas-style sweaters a la Bridget Jones' Diary.

4. The elliptical machine is as good a place as any to watch Heroes.

5. The gym is pretty much the only place you can wear shorts right now and not look like a lunatic. (Would you dare workout in a skirt?)
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