The Top 5 Summer Foods for Weight Loss

By Jessica Smith

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fruits and vegetables that are in-season come June. You've worked hard all year to stay toned and healthy; now keep your momentum going by adding some of these superfoods into your diet:

MulberriesMulberries1. Mulberries: These sweet, juicy summer berries are tasty both fresh and dried in trail mix or in a salad, says Lisa Dorfman, a registered dietitian and author of The Reunion Diet. "At just 43 calories per 3.5 oz serving, they contain 61 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, and they're also chock full of potassium, fiber, and resveratrol, a phytonutrient shown to protect the heart."

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CilantroCilantro2. Cilantro: "Cilantro has numerous health benefits and is packed with nutrients such as fiber, iron, thiamine, zinc, folate, phosphorous, folate, vitamin K, and more," says Ellis. Plus, it has a great aroma and flavor that screams summer! Cilantro may increase the production of digestive acids , which can help stimulate the gut to move waste out. A healthy digestive tract is key for weight loss, says Ellis.

PineapplePineapple3. Pineapple: "This sweet tropical fruit is the perfect ingredient for summer smoothies and juices," says Beth Aldrich, a certified holistic health and nutrition counselor, and author of the book Real Moms Love to Eat. "It contains the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which aids in the digestion of protein and blood clot formation. As an anti-inflammatory super food, pineapple can help reduce swelling and in turn, you'll have a flatter belly."

JicamaJicama4. Jicama: Also known as yam or yambean, this Mexican turnip is a great source of fiber, says Dr. Jaime Schehr, a registered dietitian in New York City. "This plant is great for weight loss due to its high fiber to sugar ratio (a whopping 32g of fiber per medium jimaca-that's almost an entire day's worth). They are also a good source of potassium, an essential mineral in maintaining water balance in our body."

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CevicheCeviche5. Ceviche: Ceviche is a wonderful lean protein source found on many Mexican menus throughout the summer months, and it's easy to make at home, says Sharon Richter, a registered dietitian in New York City. Depending on what type of fish is used, ceviche can range between 120-175 calories per serving. (And word has it that Lady Gaga fuels up on ceviche while on tour).

Not a fan of any of these foods? Read on for more summer weight-loss foods!

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