Top 7 Health Benefits of Warm or Hot Water

Water is very important for survival. From doctors to dieticians, every expert advices to drink 7-8 glasses of water regularly. While some people prefer cold water, there are many dieters who drink hot or warm water. It is believed that hot or warm water is good for the body as it has many health benefits. Lets brief out the health benefits of drinking hot or warm water.

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Health benefits of warm or hot water:

Benefits Of Drinking Hot WaterBenefits Of Drinking Hot Water Cleansing and purifying: One of the most important benefits of drinking hot water is, it is effective in cleansing the body. Poor digestion can be easily treated by having a glass of hot water twice a day. Drink a glass of hot water early in the morning. This will flush out toxins from the body and cleanse the system. You can mix hot water with honey or lemon for best results.

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Cures constipation: This is a common stomach problem that develops due to water scarcity in the body. The stool deposits in the intestines and reduces the bowel movement. This makes you suffer from constipation where passing out stool is difficult and sometimes extremely painful. Have a glass of hot water empty stomach in the morning to improve bowel movements and cure constipation. Hot or warm water breaks down food particles and passes them out through intestines.

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Aids weight loss: Many dieticians ask you to drink a glass of hot water with lemon and honey every day to lose weight. Well the advice is very helpful in shedding extra pounds. Hot water breaks down fat deposits from the body and helps in weight loss. Have a glass of hot or warm water with either lemon or honey or both, after every meal. Lemon has pectin fiber that controls food craving and is ideal for people who are on alkaline diet.

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Good for cold and cough: Irritation in the throat due to cough or tonsil can be really painful. One of the health benefits of drinking hot or warm water is, it reduces throat pain, liquifies thick cough and helps it come out easily.

Increases sweating: When you drink a hot beverage, you sweat a lot for sometime. This is because when we drink hot water or any other beverage, the body temperature rises and the water tries to cool down the temperature through sweating. Sweating helps clean the skin cells by taking out excess water and salt from the cells and body.

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Improves blood circulation: When you drink hot water, the fat deposits in the body burns and the built up deposits in the nervous system also breaks down. This improves blood circulation in the body and also flushes out harmful toxins.

Reduces body pain: Drinking a glass of hot water with carom seeds is an effective home remedy to cure menstrual cramps. If you have stomach pain, headache or body pain, have a glass of hot water to get instant relief.

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These are few health benefits of hot and warm water. Ideally, hot water is more effective but, many people prefer warm water on a regular basis.

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