Tracy Anderson's Spot-Training Tips

Identify the areas where you tend to gain weight and use Tracy's exercise prescription to slim down there and everywhere. REDBOOK.

Thighs and hips
You're heaviest in your outer thighs and hips but have a smaller waist.

Dial down: Stair-climbing workouts, lots of lunges, and spinning, all of which can bulk up your thigh muscles.

Dial up:
Cardio workouts and muscle toning where you're working your upper and lower body equally, to create a more balanced silhouette.

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Your booty needs lifting and toning, whether it's big and wide or long and flat.

Dial down: Running or spinning, which may burn calories and build leg muscles but will only flatten your tush more.

Dial up: Moves like back and side leg lifts that require flexing your glutes, thereby tightening and raising your rear.

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All over
Even if you look thin, you lack muscle tone, which can lead to all-over flab as you age.

Dial down:
The same old cardio routine, which develops only one area, and using heavy weights, which can make you bulky.

Dial up:
Bands and resistance work that tone and lengthen. And switch aerobic routines often so you're fit all over.

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Core and bust
You're busty and are prone to a round middle, but have great long, thinner legs.

Dial down: Pilates and yoga, which make your core big and boxy, not flat and feminine.

Dial up: High-impact aerobics, to burn calories and whittle your waist, and planks and fast-moving arm exercises like the ones Tracy demonstrates in our online video.

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