Transform Diet, The Revision by Clinical Nutritionist Brett Salisbury

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The best selling book is turning heads from unknown writer
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 2:37 PM EDT

The Revised Edition: Transform™

  • The revised edition out now, (The new cover show above) is bolder, and more detailed while delivering through simplicity than did the Transform Diet original edition published in December of 2008.

  • In Chapter one Salisbury breaks down the banana this way: Source: Tranform, The Revision, 2011.
  1. "A female should never exceed 20-26 grams of carbohydrates in any meal."
  2. "Yet one typicial size banana has between 35 and 39 grams of carbohydrates."
  3. "This tells us that this is 15 to 20 grams of carbohydrates over the amount a female can eat, causing carbohydrate overload with the excess stored as fat (unless immediately burned off with exercise.)"
  4. "Regardless of the fact that the banana is a "fat free" piece of fruit, it is still filled with fructose or fruit sugar and is considered a simple carbohydrate. The human body does not discriminate one simple carbohydrate from another, and will cause a pancreatic response which I explain shortly."

Moderation is the Key

  • Moderation is "the key" as Salisbury explains. He backs his explination with source after source. It's a unique but powerful way to prove what he says is true in every chapter, regardless of the topic.
  • The book is so precise abridging each chapter of the best information from every top instituion and doctor in the world. This is "not a diet book, but a lifestyle." as he proclaims in his opening statements and we couldn't agree more.
  • Source: NY Times E Books: The e book current ranking: 7th on the NY Times most downloaded books, see the list now .

The Transform "Diet" finally pinpoints the truth about proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, the workout and is so direct it doesn't leave the consumer with questions. The water chapter for example is still is the best research we have ever seen in any weight loss or diet book and calls out top doctors who claim that "water and the type of water is not important."

  • The proof from the National Cancer Institute to Stanford University is mindblowing in the water chapter, but you will find five other chapters as strong before reading chapter 6.
  • Salisbury breaks down technical lingo we can all understand.
  • Chapter 9 is hilarious from protein bars to pre-made protein drinks explaining fact from fiction on how the body breaks down each bar shown.The revised edition only will carry this new chapter 9. It's truly out loud laughter while you learn. We have yet to see a heatlh and wellness book do it better.


The Author's Credentials:

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist (A.M.F.N.A) (Finished Summa Cum-Laude)
  • Member of American Mensa (The High IQ Society) ( Stanford -Binet score - 148 IQ)
  • Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Ms Fitness magazine calls Salisbury, "One of the top 5 certified sports nutritionists in the United States."
  • President Gregory Ladd says, "Mr. Salisbury finished #1 in his class with the highest final test score, since the onset of the school's existence"
  • This, his second book in three years

Transform and it's products are "the best in the business" as Source: Forbes™ Magazine is quoted.

He is a former male super model, Click Source: Vogue™ Magazine's Top 25 male models ever and pro football player (Quarterback) that shows how he even at 40 going from a bulging waistline to lean in 90 days is done by hundreds of people including Salisbury who "let himself go and made a statement that even the author can do it at 40." "It just takes the effort and know how."

What's interesting is that Salisbury's original work, doesn't include a single product he was pushing for selfish reasons, in fact while his 2008 copy was being published he began working on products that would be better for the body than the one's he recommended in his original publication of The Transform Diet.

He explained the best powders on the current market in that original version of The Transform Diet, but was discouraged by the flaws in each. He promised to one day put it "all together" and come out with his own line to solve these problems -- We are convinced he has done that not only with the new revised edition book but also his product line.

Examples Used:

  • The Transform protein bar that has 15 grams of fiber while only containing 3 total sugar grams.
  • No sugar alcohols or glycerine and is gluten free.
  • The "taste is like a Bit O Honey and texture of a power bar" as he states. We tested it. He's right.
  • There's truly is no after taste as the author promised, and were pleasantly surprised.
  • "The bar doesn't cause a pancreatic response as most other bars do as his new revised book calls them a "candy bar in disguise." explains Salisbury

What we think:

This is the only book of its kind which is unbiased , and not government funded.

  • His entire product list is not challenged today. The author says it took him 3 years to develop after his 25 years of "studying the field." Quite simply, it's finally products we can all eat and enjoy as the book is the guide to "Transforming."

  • Chapter 2 goes head to head in the "battle" of Transform VS. Doctor Oz -- No one usually challenges anyone associated with Oprah Winfrey. Somehow, he does, and pulls it off nicely, picking apart and disproving the credible Dr. Oz with the help of the top institutions and doctors in the world. His opinions are bold but proves truthful, as he uses this to set up the rest of the book. He continues with this trend in each chapter, which sets him apart from any author/nutritionist to date.

  • The original publication of The Transform Diet published in 2008 finished with a mere 3 stars. (click 3 stars link)
  • We give the revised edition a hands down 5 star rating and will boldly say, this is the "book of the decade."
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