A troubled life...we all have one in. it is getting through it all so you can see light at the end of the tunnel.it is n never giving up when things are at there worst. it is saying i am worth it all. and i want to find out what is on
the other side. it is not all work there are a lot of days that go perfectly well. rain
or shine i enjoy what mother nature dishes out.i mean you really need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy walking in the sunshine or skipping through a puddle of water.who cares about all the other stuff
in life. if you worry about things in a materal way well i guess you will never enjoy what life is really about.
a life wasted is just that. wasted.i guess thats why i am so happy and easy going because i finally made
it to the other side.and im loving it. i once was a materal girl and now i am not. i am free to see the world
and travel with no regrets.wow there is so much to see. and no matter how much we see and enjoy
life/ our life is a small one and a short one. so live it now so dont be troubled be your self,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
i can only speak from experience.live.live because if your not living your not happy. smile once for me and
twice for you.take a walk and listen to the songs of nature then listen to your heart singing along.feel alive
now you can say you have lived....let me know how you enjoy or not my vision of life.