True Body Confessions & Answers with Celeb fitness expert Holly Perkins: Ice Cream can't fix a broken heart!

True Body Confession:

Historically, when I go through a break-up, I gain a lot of weight. I am going to break up with my boyfriend, (we're just not right for each other), and I'm afraid of the weight gain now! I'm in my 30s, already need to lose 10-20 lbs.
Scary. I better start training NOW. (and remind myself that ice cream is not a substitute for dealing with sadness.)

Holly says:

Breakups are always hard and we each process them differently. It is so common and understandable that people often turn to food for comfort. While our experiences are vastly different, our body chemistry is not. During your tough times, remember that food is medicine and that it acts chemically on the body inspiring reactions. You're correct: ice cream should not be a substitute for dealing with sadness; but it does make you feel better.... temporarily. As discussed in my articles on, certain foods, like ice cream, cause chemistry changes in your body that cause feelings of euphoria. So it helps to get you through a lousy time. But the long term toll of "ice cream episodes" might end up making you feel far worse.
No question break ups are hard. They bring about issues of failure, loss, and loneliness. But it sounds like you feel you deserve something better than the person that you are currently dating. Good for you! You are taking steps to bring yourself a happier future. Why sabotage that future with a short term comfort of ice cream? Work hard to find a productive outlet during sad times instead of reaching for unhealthy foods. If a walk, a talk with a friend or a good movie doesn't lift your spirits a little, and you must choose food, try reaching for something a little healthier. If you normally choose full fat ice cream, try low fat or low sugar frozen yogurt. Is there ANY other healthier food that might do the trick?
You've got an exciting new future ahead of you. Allow your sadness, but remember: good times will come again. And don't you want to feel great and healthy when they do?

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