Truth of a Righteous G-d

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Tue, Nov 8, 2011 6:45 PM EST
Simple life appeared about 3 billion years ago. Single celled, plants and then animals came.

Genesis is the first Book in the Bible. The Bible some take as literal but at least three of it's books are not. They are symbolic. these are Genesis, Daniel and Revelation.

When people hear the name Jesus they sometimes laugh. They are not stupid, just ignorant. Ignorant means they do not know better. They have just committed blasphemy.

The Universe is about 14 billion years old The Bible is a User of Life How to manual that works well.

Yes this is an infinite Universe. Yes it is expanding.This Earth is on the edge of the milky way galaxy. There are many galaxies. Life cannot exist near the centers of galaxies because of intense radiation.

Many people have a childish view of G-d. If G-d is good why would He allow this or that to happen?

A mature view of G-d is that G-d has rules that must be followed. He is a righteous G-d who cannot even look upon sin. This is why He sent His Son Jesus to die in place of sin. Jesus could have removed himself and not died. He did not want to and prayed that His Father would not allow this but said not my will but thine be done. G-d had to turn away from Jesus at that moment when Jesus became sin.

Jesus became sin and died as an atonement for your sins and mime if we accept Him for who he was and is. Atonement means he died in place of you for the wrongs you have done.

I know there is a Creator of this Universe. Each human is made in His image, He gives us beauty to see everyday. When was the last time you watched a sunset? He gives us the air we breathe. He gives us birds and fruits and flowers of all kinds.

We are mortal which means we will die. The big question is where will you go when you die?

No person has heard the voice of G-d. If they did they could not live. Not even Moses saw G-d or he would have burned up.

Humans were given dominion of this Earth which means we are the caretakers of it and its life such as animals and vegetation. So when I see people throw trash around I get upset for it shows they do not care or or ignorant.

G-d is a righteous G-d. His rules help us to be happy and enjoy life. It is when we have guilt we have sorrow. It is when our soul is doing wrong we get away from our Creator. Too many religions and too many voices make people confused.

People who never get the chance to hear about Jesus have grace. But to them who hear and reject Him I believe their soul will be doomed eternally. We are given a pure soul at birth. Very few keep it their whole lives. We know right from wrong. But when we keep doing wrong we get too fat into sin and G-d says the wicked He will destroy suddenly. If one religion says it is the only way to G-d I know that is not true. It is not true unless they know and accept Jesus as their savior. he is not G-d but sent by G-d. The Holy Spirit is here on Earth to teach and comfort us. We all do wrong. We need to do better.

Remember when Jesus got angry? The people were buying and selling and cheating each other in the Temple. Jesus said My Father's house will be called a house of prayer. Jesus never said knowing Him would make you have lots of money. Money is some people's G-d and they can burn eternally for this.

My Great Aunt lived to be 105 years old. She was a teacher of preachers all over the world.

When I hear about some Country using their children to get money by cutting off their hands to beg I get angry and I know G-d must also. When some people lie to get money preying on innocent people I think this must make G-d angry too. We are to respect authority. Unless it is corrupt.