Try a Pumpkin Patch Bootcamp Workout for Fall Cardio

By Carmen Staicer - Chief Mom at

In many parts of the country it's finally cooling off and that means it's time for one of the most enjoyable and traditional activities of the season - a visit to the pumpkin patch! While those trips can involve a lot of candy corn, pumpkin-flavored treats, and hot, sweetened beverages, they can also be the perfect environment for a serious workout.

This year turn your visit in to an even more active adventure by organizing a pumpkin patch bootcamp. You'll have fun and get in a cardio workout while enjoying the pumpkin patch!

It's also the perfect way to shake up your usual girls-day-out.

Try these exercise recommendations and be sure to share with us any of your own.

  • Perform a kettlebell swing with a mid-sized pumpkin. Be sure to hold the pumpkin by a thicker stem with a good grip.
  • Build an obstacle course using pumpkins, hay bales, and fence rails. Run through the pumpkins, jump over the hay bales and crawl under the fence.
  • Do heavy pumpkin shoulder carries. Hoist the pumpkin on to your shoulder and run to the end of a field. Return and repeat trying to better your time each try.
  • Do medicine ball ab twists with a pumpkin. Choose a lighter pumpkin and sit on the ground. Lift your feet and balance on your bottom, then twist from side to side while holding the pumpkin.
  • Try push-ups with pumpkins. Using the same small pumpkin, place your hands in a push-up position on the outside edges of the gourd and perform as many push-ups as you can. Rest for a moment, and then repeat for two more sets.
  • Use a medium-weight pumpkin as a medicine ball for chest passes. You'll need a partner who can catch and throw without getting hurt. Then toss the pumpkin from the center of your chest, catch, and repeat.
  • Don't skip the sack races! This is just good fun that keeps your heart rate up.

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