Under 150 Calories: Veggie-Inspired Snacks

Source: Under 150 Calories: Veggie-Inspired Snacks

It's easy to grab an apple and some cheese, or a banana and a handful of nuts, but fruit isn't the only food on the snack menu. Veggies make tasty and satisfying bites as well. Need some new ideas? Besides the old carrots with hummus standby, here are some delicious veggie-inspired snacks, all for around or under 150 calories. And if you're into healthy eating, be sure to enter to win a year's supply of KIND bars and a food processor by Magimix.

  • One slice of whole wheat bread (100 calories), smeared with one tablespoon whipped cream cheese (35 calories), topped with four slices of cucumber (11 calories): 146 calories
  • Baked sweet potato fries made with one small sweet potato (112 calories) and one teaspoon olive oil (39 calories): 151 calories

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