Usages and Advantages of Body Fat Calculator

How to calculate body fats? This must be a question in your mind when planning to lose weight. Body fat calculator is a tool that you can get as an application to be installed in your handy gadget or can even get it online at some specific weight loss sites. It has helped many people to plan their diet and exercises so as to lose a certain amount of weight. Body fat calculator is a device that calculates the amount of excessive fats that are stored in your body. Once you know this excess fat amount, you can easily plan your weight loss program to get a fit and fine body. The online body fat calculator has become a true gem for people who are suffering from weight gain and are unable to plan a proper program that can assist them to lose that essential amount of weight. United States Navy Circumference Method of calculation is used for calculation by many of such calculators. This calculator needs certain inputs to be provided so that the excess amount of fat can be calculated. You can also maintain a list of your body fat as per each day. This will help you to know the success of the weight loss plan that you are using. There are various benefits of this calculator.

Body Fat Calculator


This calculator functions on the basis of a formula that takes your height, weight, age and other physical details and then calculates the excess amount of fat that you have in your body. The fat calculator presents you the excessive fat in the form of percentage of your total body weight. This makes it easier to understand, as percentage results make easier if you want to compare your body fat weight with that of your colleague. Moreover, it can also make your task easier when you are having a competition with your colleague or friend who is also on a weight loss plan. Competitions, most of the time motivate you to work more better for your overall health.

When entering the details in this calculator, keep the following points in your mind.

  • When measuring your height, make sure that you do it without your shoes so as to get an accurate measurement
  • When measuring the waist, the measurement is taken at the navel region in case of men and in case of women you need to take it from the smallest point of the abdomen
  • The measurements of the hips are not required for men. In case of women it may be required only at the widest point
  • When measuring the neck, the measurement is done at the lower base of the larynx
  • Stay careful and make each and every measurement with utmost accuracy. A maximum of 0.25 - 0.5 inches of difference or deviation is acceptable.


There are various advantages of the body fat calculator. The most important one is that, it helps you to plan your weight loss in a much better way. Some other advantages are discussed below.

  • It helps you keep a track of your body fat and thus makes it easier for you to plan your diet and exercise regime
  • The results are more accurate than the commonly used BMI calculator
  • As the results are provided in percentage, it makes it easier for you to compare it with your colleague or friend
  • You can get an online gadget application which you can download from the Internet. So, you don't need to buy a separate gadget for this purpose.
  • You can check your results in the gadget privately and no one would be seeing it. This is helpful for people who like privacy with such matters.

Body fat calculator is a really helpful innovation for people who are obese and want to reduce excess fat from their body.

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