New Vegan Beyoncé Busted Wearing Fur Jacket

Juliano-Kmm/X17online.comJuliano-Kmm/X17online.comOnly two days after Jay-Z announced that he and wife Beyoncé planned to go vegan for 22 days in what they’ve called a “spiritual and physical cleanse,” Bey was photographed walking into Los Angeles vegetarian restaurant Native Foods wearing a camouflage jacket with an oversized fox fur collar.

Whether the fur was real was unquestionable — the jacket is a $4,180 Christopher Kane piece, touted as having an "exquisite fox fur collar." Despite the fact the 32-year-old was wearing an animal, she still refused to eat one. She and Jay-Z reportedly ordered meatless dishes such as marinated kale salad, Indian curried lentils, and corn tacos, followed by vegan chocolate truffles for dessert.

People's reasons for going vegan vary; some choose the lifestyle because it's healthier, others have ethical issues with the treatment of animals. And the extent of people's belief systems can range. Without knowing Beyoncé's motivations — will she forgo makeup or medication that's been tested on animals? Is she tossing her leather shoes? Or is the whole endeavor for publicity? — it's tough to know where she's coming from.

But as a celebrity, whose words are documented and held to the highest standards, Beyoncé might want to give her message more thought before heading out the door.