The Very Best Comments of the Week!

You said it! (Getty Images)If you took a little nap last Friday and your alarm just went off now, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

This past week, two women were appointed to top governmental security positions, guilt trips got a bad rap, and cats were all up in our faces. Also we learned little from the Supreme Court, and a lot about hard boiling eggs. (We've been totally doing it wrong!)

It was a week where we really needed a good laugh and guess who brought it?Commenters. 

Forget the headlines, here are the top four funniest reactions this past week's news, courtesy of the Yahoo! Shine peanut gallery.

1. On the female undercover CIA boss who's been secretly protecting our country, Clint wrote: 

"Fantastic. But can she catch Jason Bourne?" 

2. On processing the fact that Jesse James just had his fourth--that's right, fourth--wedding, sebastian56 wrote:

"Serial Husband. Send a gift of antibiotics." 

3. On the news that guilt trips could have damaging effects on kids, Nobuddy said: 

"Guilt trips were the only holidays my parents could afford." 

4. On learning about an artist who lives well without spending a dollar, Roman said: 

"I tried to live without money once. Then my parents threw me out."