The Wackiest Workout Device Ever?

First, there was Soul Cycle, then Fly Wheel, and now . . . a hot tub exercise bike?

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That's right spinners, cycling just got a whole lot harder -- not to mention more aquatic and downright kooky. FitWet is an exercise bike that you ride inside a mini Jacuzzi. But like most bizarre-o fitness inventions (we're looking at you, Shake Weight), it improves your workout by upping the intensity. After all, doing any type of movement underwater is 10 times harder because of the resistance.

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But here's the real bonus. The makers of FitWet claim that not only do you burn more calories because of the temperature and extra exertion, but that the pulsing Jacuzzi jets help to minimize cellulite by reducing water retention and loosening up fat clots. Mmmhmm.

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Call me a cynic, but this sounds a little too good to be true. When was the last time a cellulite treatment did anything besides cost you money? Besides, I like to keep my fitness routine and tub time separate. What about you? Want to take FitWet for a spin?

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