Want Celebrity Abs? Celebrity Workouts May Be Coming to Your Gym!

It's no secret that celebrities love Pilates. And while the regimen certainly targets the muscles, it isn't known for having a huge cardio (i.e. weight-loss) element. Now Equinox gym has teamed up with Pilates guru Brooke Siler, who has trained Madonna and Rachel Weisz, to create a new class called Siler-Centric Pilates. We took the class-it was on a mat, not Pilates equipment, and started off with some core-centric moves. Then we did jumping jacks, pushups, and mountain climbers to get our heart pumping before heading back to the mat for classic Pilates moves like the 100 (where you pump your hands 100 times.) Says Siler of the class, "they're in depth, full body movements meant to completely reshape your body." The class is available at select New York City locations now, and in Dallas and San Francisco in the next two months.

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