Want To Get Rid of Cramps, Bloating, Aches and Pains Related to PMS?

Let's be honest: there is nothing nice to say about PMS. And, for those of us who get every single little symptom associated with that time of the month (cramps, bloating, skin issues, headaches, etc.) there's a few choice words we'd love to use. But, we have yet to hear if using profanity actually helps alleviate pain (please let us know if you hear otherwise), so until that's true we've found 11 tips on how to deal with PMS that actually work:

1. If your periods make you nauseous, try eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day, or try an OTC anti-inflammatory medicine paired with a heating pad right below where you feel your cramps.

2. Watch what you eat a few days before you get your period. Eating salty foods or consuming drinks high in caffeine during these days can make you feel worse during your monthly cycle.

3. Take a chill pill! Your cramps may be directly related to how stressed out you are.

4. Complex carbs are good for you during your period.

5. Giving up caffeine and hitting the gym a week before your period will elevate your mood.

6. Keep a calendar. If your symptoms seem to last a lot longer than your normal period cycle, you might want to check in with your doctor.

7. Drinking iced tea instead of soda during your period will help prevent bloating and nix your sugar fix.

8. Eating iron-rich foods during your period will help elevate your mood.

9. Drinking hot liquids throughout the day will help ward off cramps.

10. Taking a calcium supplement can help ward off serious PMS symptoms.

11. Ginger can help ease cramps.

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