Want to stop him from snoring? Call the cops

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Separate beds. Nasal Strips. White noise machines. Some guys can out-sore anything. The constant honking drove one South Carolina woman to extremes. After several sleepless nights, she banished her husband to the couch. When he told her it would take a SWAT team to move him off the bed, she took the tip to heart and called the local cops.

Apparently, no laws have been created to deal with a snoring problem. So the cops called to the scene left the couple alone to sort it out themselves.

While there may not be a legal rule for couples with snoring issues, some people created their own household mandates. The most popular being separate bedrooms. A new survey found that more couples are sleeping in separate rooms just to get away from the cloying sound of their loved one's rest. Already one in four couples put a wall between them at night. By 2015, sixty percent of custom homes will have dual master bedrooms, predicts The National Association of Home Builders.

It's a great solution if you can afford it. If you can't, and your husband falls into the 40% of men with the nasal noise problem, there are loads of helpful tips. Changing positions, allergy medicine and limiting drinking can all help. The police, however, can't. What a shame.