Ways to Slim Down Your BBQ

Source: Ways to Slim Down Your BBQ

Doing a little grilling this weekend? With the tons of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and beer, you don't want to go overboard on the calories. To avoid packing on the pounds this weekend, here are some ways to add a healthy spin to your barbecue.

  • Go for homemade guacamole instead of creamy dips: Avocados offer the healthy fats your body needs, which is a much better option than the saturated fats found in dairy-based dips. If you're worried about calories, whip up some homemade low-cal salsa, and throw in some fresh pineapple and mango for added vitamins.
  • Grill up some veggies: Use a grill basket, corn holders, or skewers and choose a variety of veggies to grill alongside your meat dishes. Load up your plate to fill you up and help prevent overeating high-calorie dishes.

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  • Don't always choose beef: Veggie burgers made with whole grains, legumes, and vegetables and hotdogs made of tofu are a delicious low-calorie and low-cholesterol option that also offers fiber and protein. If you're a meat eater at heart, go for burgers, hotdogs, or sausages made from turkey, chicken, or salmon.
  • Choose your buns wisely: Most are made with enriched flour so you may have to check a bunch of labels before finding ones made with whole wheat four.
  • Make substitutions: When it comes recipes as well as the fixings on your burgers, try and find healthy substitutions. Choose raw tomato or salsa instead of ketchup, and try Greek yogurt instead of mayo.
  • Go easy on the brewskis: Save calories by enjoying one of these lower calorie beers, and the rest of the evening, go for ice water or chilled seltzer flavored with lemon.

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