Ways to Burn 300 Calories in the Crisp Fall Air

The crisp air of Autumn inspires me to get outside and move. You can burn it up in the great outdoors while soaking in the colors of the season. Here some autumnal ways to burn 300 calories. All calculations are based on a 130-pound woman.

  • Take a Hike - Leaves are changing colors with the cooling temps, so go leaf-peeping on a nearby mountain trail. You'll burn 295 calories in 50 minutes of hiking.
  • Get Lost in a Corn Maze - Many farms share the tradition of the good old-fashioned corn maze. So find one near you and stroll through the towering stalks of corn as you try to find your way to the end. Walking at a brisk pace of 4 mph for 78 minutes will burn 307 calories. Bring some friends and your pooch along and you can race each other to see who can figure out the maze first.
  • Go Trail Running - Woodsy trails are soft and more forgiving on your joints, but with a fresh layer of fallen leaves on the ground, they're colorful and even softer. It feels like you're running on pillows. Trail running burns 10 percent more calories than running on a treadmill or pavement because of the hills and uneven terrain. So hit the trail and you'll burn 295 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Rake Your Lawn - They don't call it Fall for nothing. If you've got tons of leaves on your lawn, spend an hour and 15 minutes raking them up and you'll burn 312 calories, get your heart rate up, and tone your core and upper body - plus it'll warm you up if you're chilly.
  • Play Soccer -Whether you're on a team or just getting some pals together for a friendly game, 45 minutes of soccer will burn 310 calories.
  • Go Apple Picking - Apples are full of fiber, but they taste especially sweet and juicy when you pick them fresh off the tree. So go apple picking with some buddies or your fam. Walking around the orchard for an hour and a half burns 310 calories.
  • Go Mountain Biking - I love mountain biking in the woods, and Fall is the perfect time to go since the air is too cool for annoying mosquitoes. You'll burn 293 calories in 35 minutes, and also get a killer butt-and-thigh workout.
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