A Wedding Day Health Regime: Increase Your Glow and Decrease Your Stress

By Danielle Miller, GalTime.com

Decrease you stress and increase your glow on your wedding day! Decrease you stress and increase your glow on your wedding day! That special someone has popped the question! You've called and texted just about everyone you know to share the big news and started perusing wedding dresses, venues, and cakes on the internet…excitement, anticipation! …Then it hits: the stress factor.

Everyone wants to look and feel their very best on their wedding day. According to registered holistic nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos, there are certain foods you can eat to improve your complexion before your wedding day.

"The foods you incorporate into your life make a significant difference in how your body looks and feels," explains Kotsopoulos. She shares a few tips for getting the glow:

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Foods that make you glow

  1. Toss dried Goji berries into your oatmeal, cereals or muffin recipes or re-hydrate them in water and blend into a puree to drizzle atop yogurt. This beautifying super food is among the highest antioxidant-containing foods and work wonders for complexion and overall health.

  2. Beauty-boosting essential fats found in coconut oil will help your skin glow. Extremely versatile, coconut oil can be used when sautéing, roasting, frying, or baking and can even be added to smoothies.

  3. Revitalize your skin with food for your face! Make a homemade face mask by blending buttermilk, avocado, banana, and kiwi and let the mixture sit on your face for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and your skin will be softer and look rejuvenated.

Kotsopoulos also recommends adopting certain eating habits to sooth any stress you may be experiencing as a result of your big day. "The wrong types of foods-like nutritionally void foods high in carbs, sugar, fats or caffeine-can cause and further exacerbate stress. Fueling your body with the right nutrients can be a real stress-buster!" advises Kotsopoulos. She advocates snacking (as long s it's the right kind of snacking). "Snack on a handful of almonds. They are a fantastic stress reliever and are packed with loads of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support mental health and help you achieve a calm, cool mind," she says.

Supplements that may supplement your big day

Dream Day Essentials has developed a line of products that may enhance your natural beauty as well as lessen some of that wedding-related stress. This line combines many useful supplements into three specific products intended to sustain energy, enhance beauty, and equalize stress on your big day. Dream Day Essentials breaks down what each product is made of and how each may help a bride-to-be before, on, and after her big day:

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  • B-Complex - combination of activated B Vitamins in a Raw Whole Food Base
    • Improve Overall Energy*

    • Help Stress - Related Fatigue*

    • Promote Beautiful Skin*

…B vitamins are required for what we do best: multitasking! Women really need the Bs to support stress levels, proper metabolism, sustained energy, balanced hormones, healthy sleep patterns, and optimal immune function.

  • Adrenal Support - combination of vitamins, botanical extracts, herbs and foods
    • Improve Energy Levels*

    • Inhibit Fatigue and Tension*

    • Promote Mental Clarity*

…The Adrenal formula may help prevent symptoms like the following: feeling anxious, overwhelmed, "burnt-out", "run-down", lacking sex drive, low energy, increased PMS, dry skin, hair loss, insomnia, and weight gain.

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  • Metabolic Support - Clinically proven Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango IGOB131) and Green Select Phytosome (Caffeine Free Green Tea Extract) with Chromium and Tocotriene Complex (Rice Bran)
    • Promote Effective Weight Loss*

    • Improve Metabolic Wellness*

    • Appetite Support*

…For when you need some extra motivation to achieve your optimal health, it is a safe and healthy solution! Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, use these powerful antioxidants to help you find a healthy weight.

A word of caution

*these statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness. This is for informative purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or physician. Consult a healthcare practitioner before starting any diet, supplement or exercise program, while taking any prescribed medications, or if you suspect you might have a health problem.

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