Weight-Loss Advice so Good People Pay Millions for It

Big-budget movie studios have celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza on speed dial. Why? Because she's the pro at getting A-listers in amazing shape for filming. But right now, she's focused on you. Here are her best celebrity weight loss tips. By Betsy Stephens, REDBOOK.

Tell people you're trying to lose weight
"Many people think that trying to slim down is something they should keep private, so they rely on their willpower alone to stick to a program-and willpower only gets them so far! Jessica Alba, a client of mine who has taken on several roles that required her to be in skimpy clothing, sticks to a daily training schedule with the help of family members and friends, often including them in her workouts or healthy eating plan. But you don't need to get cast in a movie: Declare your goal by posting in an online community, where you can connect with other women who are dealing with the same temptations-like couch time or cake-and staying on track."

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Give yourself weeks, not days, to see results

"Fact: It's always better to train moderately than try to do it all in a hurry, which is a recipe for burning out and giving up. Remember Jessica Biel's fit-for-fighting body in the movie Blade? Well, she came to me a full two months before she started filming, so she didn't need to crash-diet at the end or overtrain. Sound sane? That's the idea, and the key to not quitting."

Know what you're really eating (and not eating).
"My new clients keep a food journal for at least three days. It includes ingredients, timing of meals, portion sizes, water intake, and exercise. They find that things they didn't think were sabotaging their weight-loss goals actually are-like a daily latte and a couple glasses of wine (that's an extra 500 calories a day!). If you started shedding pounds but you hit a wall, this may be why. The good news is that it's possible to double your weight loss just by recording what you eat. You can work out like crazy, but if you don't change your nutrition, you won't see results."

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Walk like you've never walked before.

"You don't need to make starting a workout complicated; I always recommend walking to my celebrity clients. They love getting out for hikes or just strolling through their nabe with their dogs or babies. Start with 20 to 30 minutes three times a week, then build up slowly to five days a week. The best way to stay motivated is to wear a pedometer."

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Use your brain to change your body.
"The mind is a powerful weight-loss tool. Science backs this idea: One study found that thinking about the muscles you're using as you work them allows you to use more muscle fibers and build more strength. Sometimes people rely on distractions, like TV, to get through a workout. But if you want to cut your workout time in half and slim down faster, focus on your body, not the tube."

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