Weight Loss No-No: The Liquid Cleanse

By Melissa Williams

Cleanses offer a great way to revitalize your diet and clear out toxins. They are not, however, weight loss super-tools. And in some cases may actually cause weight gain. Why?

  1. You feel deprived. Even if you're good at sticking to the rules of the cleanse, oftentimes we feel deprived and "worthy" of forbidden foods after the cleanse is over. And we feel so worthy that we consume more than we would have if we would just consumed them in moderation.

  2. Calories are calories. Whether you chew or slurp, a calorie is a calorie and liquid diets can stack up more quickly than you think. Depending upon the cleanse, you might be consuming 100-500 calories in each juice you drink. Make sure you pay attention to serving sizes.

  3. Exhaustion and metabolism. Our bodies are smart. When your body thinks it's in a famine it holds onto calories in case your life depends upon it. So when you consume too little, your metabolism slows way down in a effort to protect and preserve. Not too mention, if you're not consuming enough there is no way to have enough fuel to power you through a tough workout.
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